Mousa to Jags

Some scoopage from the Florida Times-Union: former Jacksonville Chief Administrator Sam Mousa will be the real 12th man on the Lot J negotiations.

Mousa, who left the Curry administration this summer, was recommended “in the best interest of the public” by current Chief Administrator Brian Hughes.

Hughes lauded Mousa’s “unique and valuable perspective and experience” related to the city’s sports complex area.

This move required a waiver of the city’s ethics code, which frowns on “revolving-door” arrangements.

Mousa will not be lobbying in this role; however, he will be a continuity agent, ensuring no daylight between the Mayor and the Jaguars’ owner through the Lot J process.

The Duval Democrats slammed the move Wednesday.

“The Curry administration, including Brian Hughes and Sam Mousa, has once again been exposed as less interested in democratic processes and safeguards, and more concerned with lining their pockets,” said Duval Dems Vice-Chair Angie Nixon.

“They have capitalized on loopholes within the City Charter and used their political influence to strong-arm the residents, institutions and other elected officials of Duval County over and over again. In a political game of who-knows-who among political allies, the city of Jacksonville will always find itself on the losing side,” Nixon added.