support for working families.

To afford the average 2 bedroom apartment in the Sunshine State a Floridian making minimum wage would need to work 108 hours each week, the equivalent of 3 full-time jobs. That does not include other expenses, such as healthcare, transportation, groceries, or childcare. At the beginning of 2020, the state’s minimum wage only went up by a dime, from $8.42 to $8.52. That increase is not enough to allow working people in our state to support themselves and their families, even if they work more than one job, and many do. The current minimum wage does not afford a working family the opportunity to close the wealth gap, purchase a home, or start a business. Angie will expand her effort to combat the issues facing working families.

  • Advocate for a state mandated living wage.
  • Advocate to overhaul and recreate a more viable unemployment system with reentry plans.


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